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Thermo PlatePac

Indirect Fired Storage Water Heaters

Packaged Storage Heaters

Factory Assembled Tank and Plate Heat
Exchanger with Operating Controls

Ideal For Use With:

           Low Temperature Boiler Water
           From High Efficiency Condensing Boilers  
           Heating Domestic Water from 
           Thermal Solar Collectors

 Standard Package Includes:

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (Single or Double Wall)
  • Modulating P.I.D. Temperature Control
  • 2 or 3 way Electrically Actuated Control Valve
  • Bronze Circulating Pump
  • Insulated and Jacketed Ultra-Stone Lined Tank
  • Fully Assembled on a Structural Skid Mounted Package


Typical Applications

Hospitals, industrial plants, correctional facilities, universities and all facilities requiring large volumes of hot water.


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