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Custom Heat Transfer Packages

  High Capacity Water Heating Systems
 That Use Alternative  or
Multiple Heating  Sources.

  •  Ideal for use with Thermal Solar or Heat Recovery Systems
  • Offers the flexibility to accommodate a seasonal or   demand based choice of heating sources.
  •  Steam, Boiler Water or Electric heating sources or steam condensate heat recovery.
  •  Electronic, Self Contained, or Pneumatic Control Options
  •  Can be provided with building automation interfaces.
  •  Compact Vertical Design  (horizontal designs available also)
  • Ready for service connections
  • Built to ASME code requirements
  • Factory packaged
  • Vertical Dual Source heater is shown. (Pneumatically Controlled Steam Coil and Electric Heating Coil combination)
steam electric.jpg

Typical Applications

Hospitals, industrial plants, prisons, universities and all facilities requiring high hot water demands with limited space.